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Heart Healthy Challenge

Exercise is good for you.  We all know that.  Its good for us physically, mentally, emotionally.  Yet how many of us actually do something that's good for us on a regular basis?  And, how many of us are able to participate in a heart healthy activity with our kids or as a family?  Guess what?  We do!

For the month of February, we're throwing out this challenge to all our students.  Bring a friend or co-worker to class with you.  Bring more if you want.  Share that heart healthy love you have for class. They will get two free weeks of training, compliments of you.  Any new student who decides to continue training gets you a Dunlavey T-shirt, plus the chance to win a $50.00 gift card!  The more friends you bring, the more chances you have.  So help your friends get their heart healthy.  I bet they'll thank you for it!