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Grand Master Rick Dunlavey, an 8th degree Black Belt, President of United Black Belt Academies (the largest martial arts union in Vermont), Vice President of UMAC, also oversees all Black Belts on the east coast who train under Grand Master Rick Dion, 9th degree Black Belt, and began training in TaeKwonDo at a young age.  He began teaching locally in 1982, and has continued ever since.  

As a successful world level competitor, and National Champion, his experiences have provided him with a wealth of information.  He has trained under some of the highest ranking and most recognized Masters from both the US and South Korea.

With his wife, Master Hellen Dunlavey, a 5th degree black belt, they operate schools in two locations, Morrisville, and Derby, VT,  in addition to several outreach programs, i.e. after school, kids at risk, PhysEd classes in schools, self defense seminars and advanced self defense training.

Classes are offered to students from age 3 through adult.  With age specific programs for our youngest kids up to age 6, Tigers for older kids, family classes, and classes just for adults, there is something for everyone.